057 : You Are What You Eat
by One Way Ticket - Second Season     More by this Season

From across the table, Goku watched his son and Trunks argue about food. To Gohan’s displeasure, Trunks persevered with his nutritional experiment and even managed to convince Chichi to help him out.

“You do realize that if I eat only this chunk of grass,” Gohan complained, pointing at his plate, “I won’t even have enough energy to reach my bed?”

“There’s a large beefsteak right next to the broccoli!” Trunks protested.

“You call this ‘large’? Do you need glasses? Oh, let me guess, you’ve lost your contact lenses again!”

“You know that I don’t wear contact lenses.”

“Then you should! There’s clearly something wrong with your eyesight!”

Goku listened to them bickering for ten more minutes. It ended with Gohan eating both the beefsteak and the rest of the dinosaur. Trunks wasn’t certain about the efficiency of this compromise and looked quite baffled. Goku felt proud of his son. He was still of the opinion that the bodybuilding contest Trunks was so crazy about was utter nonsense, but made no move to stop Gohan from entering it. At least his son was interested enough to take part in something and even showed some motivation in winning that bizarre muscle pumping competition. He was actually grateful to Trunks for pulling Gohan out of his shell. He himself lacked the ability.

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