061 : Not So Loud!!!
by One Way Ticket - Second Season     More by this Season

It was dawning outside when Trunks got up. He had packed their things last night in order to make as little noise as possible in the morning. There were only a few days left until the bodybuilding competition, and he and Gohan were going to a beach to get a nice suntan to look their best during it. The only problem was that sun tanning, in general, was considered a waste of time by both Goku and Chichi. Chichi was also of the opinion that it was harmful to the skin.

“Shhh!” Trunks shushed Gohan, who was yawning loudly. “You’ll wake them up!”

“Mhmh…yeahhhh…” Gohan yawned again, stretching.

“I’ve left a note as planned,” Trunks said. “Hopefully, they won’t get too angry.”

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