141 : Instant Teleportation
by One Way Ticket - Fourth Season     More by this Season

Gohan felt like shit. They had trained and trained and trained some more and in the end he hadn’t been able to do absolutely anything about the androids. So much for saving the world. His ego was drooping somewhere around his ankles like a popped balloon. He should have been worried about the safety of the world but, with his pride hurt so much, could only keep thinking that he wanted to punch someone. Seventeen was out of reach and indestructible, so, preferably, someone else.

The only consolation was that no one else had been able to do anything about the androids either. Soon after Seventeen had left, Goku and Vegeta showed up. They looked no better than Trunks and felt pretty much the same. When questioned, unwillingly, Vegeta revealed that Eighteen, just like her sibling, had lost all interest in fighting them and flew off leaving them behind.

After having healed everyone, Goku announced that he had a plan on how to get strong enough to defeat the androids. He insisted that it would only take one day since there was that room on Kami Lookout, inside which one year of training equaled one day outside.

Vegeta demanded to be taken there immediately. He even agreed to touch Goku to be taken there by Instant Transmission.

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