210 : Just Because I Could
by One Way Ticket - Sixth Season     More by this Season

The cake was tasty and they had eaten nearly half of it before Gohan suddenly realized that he hadn’t taken a picture of it to remember the way it looked; their faces on the cake were extraordinary in likeness. Gohan rushed out of the kitchen and to his room to get his iMad. Once he was back, he took a photo of the cake. He wanted to take a second one, just in case, when, using the fact that Chichi was stirring rice in one of the pots on the cooker and had her back to them, Trunks grabbed him into a hug and, for some reason, rewarded him with a kiss.

“What was that for?” Gohan whispered, taking a photo of the cake with the half-eaten Trunks’ neck.

Trunks grinned. “Just because I could?”

“Keep your head cool,” Gohan said while his mom was looking for some spices in one of the cupboards. “We wouldn’t want you to lose it, right?” he chuckled while taking the cake knife and server. He cut the cake in the exact place where Trunks’ hair was.

“Such brutality!” Trunks exclaimed.

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