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Looking for Contributions and Comments!!!

Step by step we’re getting closer to the big reopening. I’m not providing you a date to not cause disappointment, if I said for example in a month and that it took a month and half people would be needlessly frustrated.

But we’re getting there, we have only a few steps left to fix with the script and we’ll be ready.

So i’m looking for truhan art and stories contributions for the reopening as well as people who would be willing to spend time and effort to post interesting comments on the art and stories.

By interesting comment I’m aiming for stuff more constructive than “kudos” or “I like/love it” or “Nice”.

The reopening will bring lot of new people whom will visit our website only once or twice so if they see people are commenting they might decide to stay and contribute. Nothing is worse than a fandom which looks dead. The ideal would be when those potential fans visit again they see we added art, stories and lot of comments.

IF we look like a dynamic and friendly community we’ll attract people, if we look dead and bleak people won’t come back. So if you like our fandom help me making our website reopening a success.

Thank you for reading.

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