Secret Garden
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“It’s a present for you, come and see” he said quietly, gesturing out into the field of wildflowers with his free arm. Trunks drew an inward breath at the beauty of what lay beyond the door, stepping down onto a carpet of untamed colors as he now released his breath in a sigh. Gohan shut the door behind them and they seemed to be standing in front of a one-room, almost garden shed like structure. Crawling vines and flowers climbed the side of it, spreading over the tile roof, making it look at home in the volley of natural beauty around them. Trunks just stared, completely speechless.

“Do you like it? It’s my secret garden” Gohan informed him as he took his hand into the crook of his arm, leading him down the gently sloping hillside.

“It’s incredible… Did you do this with your magic?” he asked.

“Only a little bit, to help the flowers grow. My uncle, the Wizard Roshi, began planting these flowers an age ago, to help keep the Witch of the Waste at bay; though that concern is no longer pressing now” he informed him. Trunks laughed and jogged down to the edge of the small lake that was below them, throwing his arms wide as he breathed in the fragrant breeze blowing over it.

“This place is gorgeous, Gohan, it’s like walking in a dream” he shouted back to him with a huge grin on his face. Turning, Trunks gazed out over the water again, absorbing the peace and tranquility. A young man again in everything but hair color, he stood transfixed by the beauty around him.
Illustration for the story :

Gohan's Moving Castle Gohan's Moving Castle

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