Of Onyx Eyes
by Shella-chan     More by this Writer
Ok, this resulted purely because I noticed that nobody had entered a poem in the Hope contest yet. I had it posted as a Kaioshin poem in my ff.net account but I like it better as a Future Gohan poem.

Ebony and charcoal
Deep beyond human knowledge
Powerful, yet calm

Fathomless black orbs
Windows into Gohan’s soul
Hint of many things

Hidden memories
Unreachable by mortals
All secrets concealed

Liquid, dark as ink
So easy to drown in them
Easy to succumb

There is no defence
For the power of his spell
Simply overwhelms

Then — under his sway
Such power in charcoal orbs
Such strength in onyx

The flood of feelings
Those ebony eyes can stir
Pure adoration

Lost in deepest black
Drifting in endless darkness
Asleep, yet awake
Gone from mortal realms
Staring in fascination
At his onyx eyes


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