Latest One Way Ticket Art Project

Ever wish there was more Truhan in Dragon Ball Z? Or that Future Trunks stayed in the past? Or simply that Android, Cell and Buu Saga were more coherent than what Toriyama did? Then One Way Ticket is what you need. We're exploring those sagas with an interesting take on time travel and it's all done with gorgeous art. So come rediscover DBZ the way it could/should have been. By the way this project is updated weekly so come back often. ;-)
001 : The Day My World Ended 001 : The Day My World Ended 002 : Point Of No Return 002 : Point Of No Return 003 : And So It Begins 003 : And So It Begins

Latest Yaoi Doujinshis/Comics

Are you longing for a good place to read BL Shounen ai and yaoi doujinshi scanlation online? Our doujinshi section will meet all your expectations. DBZ Yaoi doujinshis (Gohan & Trunks), Videogames or Anime/Book based doujinshis we have a vast collection to please our fujoshi visitors.
Like A V Like A V Saiyan with the Super Mark #12 Saiyan with the Super Mark #12 Saiyan with the Super Mark #19 Saiyan with the Super Mark #19

Latest DBZ Yaoi Fanart

If DBZ Yaoi fanart or romantic BL/Shounen ai pictures are what you're looking for, this section is for you. We have a vast selection of imagery by well known yaoi artists to suit your wishes. Some of them are even exclusively posting here. Whether you're searching for porny Kakavege, steamy truhan, sexy truten, romantic piccohan or exotic rare pairings you've come to the right section. Boxer & Rice will satisfy all your dbz nostalgia needs ;-) Come get a blast from the past.
The Collector [Chapter scene] The Collector Chapter scene see see ttt

Latest DBZ Yaoi & Shounen Ai Fanfiction

This section is a treasure trove for people who like to multi ship. Whether you're looking for some steamy kakavege smut, a loving truhan romance or an exotic tiencha story, we have it all here. Over two decade of dbz yaoi fanfiction is waiting for you making this archive the biggest one of the whole internet. And for finicky readers we even have a three stars recommendation system so you can read only the cream of the crop
ll ll Christmas surprise! Christmas surprise! Empty Spaces Empty Spaces

Latest Ask Them

Ever wanted to ask your favorite characters some question and get a reply. This is the place where you can learn more about them and their relationships. The Questions can be asked on our discord section, and the best ones will get some answers.
Hey, Bardock. Do you have a favorite grandson? Hey, Bardock. Do you have a favorite grandson? Hey Future Trunks, who's cooking in your relationship? Hey Future Trunks, who's cooking in your relationship?

Latest DBZ Official Art

At the begining every truhan (Gohan & Trunks) fan started by being a Dragon Ball fan. To honour our origins this section collects and preserves the best possible quality scans of original Japanese promotional artwork made for Dragon Ball Z. Artbooks, Animation Celluloids, Anime/Movie Snapshots or Shitajikis, we have everything to rekindle your passion for Dragon Ball Z.
Artbook : DRAGON BALL Daizenshuu Artbook : DRAGON BALL Daizenshuu Truhan Evidence : A Study in Subtlety Truhan Evidence : A Study in Subtlety DRAGON BALL Shitajiki DRAGON BALL Shitajiki

Boxer & Rice

Your best source of DBZ Yaoi/Gay/Boy's Love fanfic, fanart, and doujinshi/comics since February 11th 2001.

We specialize in everything dbz yaoi : Truhan (Gohan x Trunks), Kakavege (Goku x Vegeta), Truten (Goten x Trunks), Piccohan (Gohan x Piccolo) and a variety of rare or exotic pairings (Goten x Gohan, Gohan x Vegeta, Goku x Gohan, Tien x Yamcha etc...).

We have all that your dbz yaoi fanboy/fangirl hearts desire : A huge selection of DBZ Yaoi Fanfiction (Slash/Shounen ai) including several classic masterpieces that you won't find anywhere else anymore. Some of them come from well known and now gone websites like The Hentai Institute, Saiyan Hideaway, Voyeurism, A Stack of Stuff, Paco's Yaoi Hotel... We also have a vast variety of DBZ Yaoi Fanart (BL), dozens of high quality yaoi doujinshi scanlations and a very detailed gay kamasutra with all the gay sex positions you can imagine and practice.

Warning: Most content of this website is not suitable for underage people. Viewer discretion is advised.





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