Raditz goes to Temple
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Inspired by some brainstorming with Mycherryville!! Thank you so much for the ideas!

Saiyans have a temple where they go to meditate (not 'pray' like we do) and help balance their Oozaru power. The calm helps them reach their core power and "mold it", become "familiar" with it. This helps them train and maintain consciousness while in their Oozaru form.

The temple is built with a white material similar to our marble. Very rare, given that 80% of the planet is reddish. In the middle of the temple, there's a natural spring (also rare), where crystaline water bubbles calmly to the surface. Among the water there is a small decorative altar where a single moonbeam touches it (there's a hole in the ceiling). On the walls grow plants that bear a special fruit called the Goddess Fruit. They're like small peaches, they have a soothing effect when eaten, however, the ones that are too ripe will make a Saiyan drunk if too many are eaten (it would kill a human). The ripe ones are picked and distributed to pubs and places of celebrating.

These temples are distributed throughout the planet, wherever natural springs occur. The Goddess plant will have a water source constantly, whereas the rest of the planet goes through severe drought seasons (one lasts 4 1/2 Earth years, the other one lasts 2 1/2 Earth years. Vegetasei gets two sets of 6 Earth months long rain seasons that separate the droughts. Vegetasei has two suns, afterall).

Back to the fruit. One can pick a fruit every night they visit Temple. Every millenia or so, one fruit mutates, and it is a foul tasting one. The seed of this fruit can be planted and it will grow to become a huge tree, known as the Tree of Might.

Guess who goes to temple often in search for this mutated fruit?


While everysaiyan thinks he's devoted to learning to control his Oozaru power, Turles is picking a fruit and sneaking into the royal labs (where Bardock works), and finding a way to force a mutation.

Frieza caught wind of this and coaxed (threatened, more like) Turles to use his more advanced lab to produce this fruit for him.

Turles was successful, eventually. But instead of handing over the seed of the Tree of Might to Freiza, Turles escaped and became 'number one' on Freiza's hit list. When the King found out of Turles' betrayal, he also put a ban on the space pirate, forcing Turles to live the rest of his days roaming the depths of space as an outcast.

We all know what happens next; after many years Turles found the perfect planet capable of hosting the Tree of Might.


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