Snow Saiyan
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Another thank you to mycherryville, who helped me get these ideas together

Snow Saiyans, or Heavy Furs, inhabit the polar ice caps of Vegetasei and are extremely territorial.
In times of drought, foolish modern day Saiyans try to steal ice from the high frozen lands only to have their journey end at the base of the snow mountains, permanently.

Unlike regular Saiyans, also known as Sand Saiyans, Snow Saiyans live in cave networks. They hunt nearby and only travel far to check on the borderlines, and trade in the city proper.

Their trades include soft pelts from the animals that graze at the base of the mountains, and are usually traded for baked goods.

Heavy Furs are objectified in the mainland, their exotic appearances make for a nice picture. Of course, some Snow Saiyans do not appreciate this. Others exploit this to get free things. Either way, they are considered 'poster Saiyans'.

Breeding outside of their species is generally looked down upon, unless it's a captive Saiyan. If a Heavy Fur bonds with an outsider, they are not allowed to bring that outsider inside the ice territory. They would have to live where their mate lives.


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