The Collector Chapter scene
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Already transformed, Lordbug left Orange Star High School, he began to jump the buildings and shops roofs looking for a safe place to communicate with Chat Noir, they needed to see each other as soon as possible since they had a very big mystery in their hands and they had to solve it earlier than ever. Already away from high school, the lavender haired hero opened his communicator in his yo-yo and called his feline partner, but he did not answer his call.
“Did a cat eat your tongue? leave your message and I'll talk to you later” the burlesque prerecorded voice of the hero in the speaker of Lordbug's communicator speak, he growled annoyed, what the hell was he doing to ignore him like that? even so, he would leave a message for him to see each other as soon as possible.
“Chat Noir, I think I have an idea of who Dark Butterfly could be!” the lavender haired hero spoke from his communicator “so move your butt and come to see me as soon as possible!”

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