Who gave you permission
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When I rounded that corner, I didn't expect to see him. Standing there next to my mom was Gohan. Oh, I remember everything about the way he looked at that exact moment. Short black hair tousled, dark purple shirt and black pants shredded beyond saving, caked blood on pale flesh, new scars littered all over… He was smirking at me. Even though he looked like he just crawled out of a grave, he was still smirking at me. That stupid, beautiful, lop-sided smile playing in obsidian eyes…

My heart gave out. Or maybe it was my legs that gave out. After stopping dead in my tracks, I suddenly sank onto the floor, sitting on my bottom. My vision went blurry and my eyes started to sting. Something tight formed in my throat and I felt my face contort into an expression beyond my conscious control. Something alien took over my body and pulled me back onto my feet. I sprinted to him, arms outstretched, heart in my stomach.

He caught me as I tripped into his arms. I flung my arms around his neck and buried my very hot, wet face into his bare, bloody shoulder. I was sobbing like a little bitch, saying his name over and over, clinging to what remained of his shirt and not caring if I was squeezing too hard. I don't think he cared, either, because I heard him chuckle and felt him lift me. My jelly legs immediately went around his waist. …Maybe that's why people thought I was still a kid. 16-year-old boys don't usually go crying like little toddlers when their fathers and older brothers suddenly appear out of nowhere after several months of being on life-threatening missions, do they?

"Who gave you permission to grow so tall?" he asked. His voice was gentle and earthy in my ear. I choked out something incomprehensible, only making him chuckle more.
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