Meeting The Prince
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Torch lit walls gave way to more modern lighting and the halls Gohan was led through became less filthy. Their procession stopped in front of a pristine sealed door and Gohan held himself tall. When it opened Bardock was leaning against the wall on the other side. He casually spit off the edge of the balcony and then turned to face Gohan. Summing up his pride with a rough smack on the shoulder, he lifted the teen’s chin so he could see his face better.

“His eyes are still dilated, you should give him a moment to cool down” he said.

Gohan was having a hard time keeping his tail wrapped around his waist. He wanted to offer it into the space between himself and his sire a silent gesture asking for approval. He knew he was too old for such childish things though and kept it snug like a professional.

“Send him in” the King ordered ignoring Bardock’s advice. Rolling his eyes the elder stepped aside crossing his arms over his chest. Gohan approached as instructed and knelt before the King. Vegeta minced no words having seen plenty already. All he wanted now was to know if Kakarot’s brat was strong enough to be a worthy guard for his son.
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Saltation Saltation

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