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Seventh prompt for Vegetasei Week! https://vegetasei-week.tumblr.com/

Saturday 23rd May – Leisure

(Can you find the hidden penis?)

Background images are from Pixabay, a free use image website. I only modified them.

Have a Turles and a teen Raditz star gazing. This was inspired by ‘A Pirate’s Tale’. You can read it here:

Or here:

When Raditz was young (15-16 in human years), Turles took him as a ‘pupil’, taught him some tricks in fighting and how to hide his ‘weaker’ emotions. They became good friends and would often hang out, tell stories, swim in a nearby lake, stargaze, etc.

All this without Bardock ever knowing.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with my hc’s about Saiyan culture and Vegetasei, nudity is a very common thing among Saiyans. The planet is burning hot, and Saiyans really don’t need the protective layer of clothing. That and they absolutely DO NOT have the nudity/sex taboo that humans have. So please keep in mind that this is an alien race and their culture is very different from ours.


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