063 : Suntan Lotion
by One Way Ticket - Second Season     More by this Season

They tanned for some time then went for a swim. The ocean bottom near the shore was studded with sharp-edged stones and they had to be careful not to step on them. Once back on the beach, Gohan dried himself off and sprawled on his mat again. Trunks took the suntan lotion and started massaging it into Gohan’s skin.

Gohan exhaled loudly in pleasure, showing his appreciation. The entire morning had been incredibly satisfying. There was nothing else to do here but relax and suntan while going for an occasional swim. Gohan didn’t want this day to end.

When Trunks was done reapplying the lotion on Gohan’s back, they switched, now Gohan applying it on Trunks’. After that, they set the timer and lay down in the sun.

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